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Here are the ingredients you need for the ultimate heart attack literally on a stick:. Dig in! Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Easy Low-Carb (Keto) Big Mac Bites – Forkly

Honestly, sometimes it's a need -not-want situation when it comes to McDonald's, especially those French fries. And if you're going to cheat eat, you might as well do it right. Enter the Deep Fried Big Mac—the perfect burger to shove in the mouth of the next person who tries to tell you nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

We have Peep My Eats to thank for this ridiculous creation, and you'll be happy or terrified to know that the ingredients list is shorter than a Mickey D cashier's line. All you need are a McDonald's Big Mac, two eggs, a bowl of breadcrumbs, and some toothpicks. Head over to Peep My Eats to read detailed preparation instructions, or check out this video:.

  • Recipe: Take That Big Mac to the Next Gluttonous Level by Deep Frying It!.
  • Anyone want to try it? Be honest.!
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  • Fried Pickle Double Cheeseburgers with Big Mac Sauce.

Please consult with your doctor before trying your own deep fried big mac! The creators of this monstrosity lay out how it's made on peepmyeats.

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  • Someone Decides To Deep Fry The Big Mac: Fast Food Gets Even Better (Or Worse) | Tech Times!

To make this particular creation, you need just three ingredients if you count the entire Big Mac as one - just add eggs and breadcrumbs. The super-complicated recipe involves dunking a Big Mac in raw eggs, coating it in bread, and throwing it in a deep fat fryer.

They've done it. They've deep fried a Big Mac

Did you catch all that? If you're in the mood for more impossibly unhealthy yet possibly tasty food, why not check out the cinnabon-waffle-sandwich , the bacon-wrapped-burger , or birthday-cookie-filled-cupcakes. Watch: Dog rescued after falling through ice into frozen lake.