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Fleetwood Mac - Stand Back lyrics

Stand back and think about it--what did she do??? No one was there to help her see more clearly.

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She regrets marrying him--she really does. These words are so obscure--it could be about any experience. This is supposed to be a conclusion after all the ideas are posted--but all the ideas were different from each other. According to Stevie --the writer--this song is about a 'fictional character who gets in this huge fight' and she says, "Get away--but not too far--I may need you soon".

I think the wedding does play a huge part in her feelings though. She gets married to her best friend's widower on a whim to help raise their son--was it a promise she made to Robin??

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Was it just a purely good deed?? It was not love. The marriage probably took place before she had a chance to really think about her reasons for doing it. Mick said in his book he saw her face and she was not happy--plus this was a religious man, and she wasn't religious--not as much as Kim's family would have liked.

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  4. Lindsey didn't show up, although Mick and Chris did. No one looked I walked by Just an invitation would have been just fine Said no to him again and again First he took my heart then he ran No one knows how I feel What I say unless you read between my lines One man walked away from me First he took my hand Take me home Stand back, stand back In the middle of my room I did not hear from you It's alright, it's alright To be standing in a line Standing in a line To be standing in a line I would cry.

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    Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Music Video)

    Stand Back is a favorite because its a lot of fun, its a lot of fun and its a dancing song I mean its like even for me its like you know, hearing when it starts out, I almost feel like I 'm hearing it coming out of a club or something, so that's why its so much fun. We were driving to Santa Barbara and a new song by Prince came on, so we pulled over somewhere and got the tape.

    Stand Back - Wikipedia

    It just gave me an incredible idea, so I spent many hours that night writing a song about some kind of crazy argument, and it was to become one of the most important of my songs. I've been doing this song for years, Fleetwood Mac does it also, and I never get tired of it.

    I've never quite understood this sound By the way, Prince did come into the studio the night I called him and told him about the song, and he played incredible synthesizer on it